The Material Preview is an event dedicated exclusively to leathers suited for top-end footwear, leather goods, leatherwear, home decor and accessories.  Material Preview aims to supply the leather sector with the tools to study and develop innovation and research on materials to the fullest. Go here to learn more about them.  Their next show is scheduled on June 12, 2014 in Florence, Italy at the Stazione Leopolda, go here to pre-register.

Below is a preview of their Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion and Color Trends, a comprehensive guide  subdivided into four key themes


Rigorous luxury, strictness and grandeur. Orthodox Russia fervently moving ahead on the trail of a two-fold aesthetic nomenclature without manifest contradictions. A elaborate intellectual homage which poverfully and tamelessly shows a taste for unworldly luxury without nostaldia in its blase' composure.


African feeling. Away from any ethnic side, moving lightly closer to wild and ancestral rituals of an archetypal aesthetics. Visual medium of tactile sensations becoming chromatic and material inspiration. Symbolic idols living again in firmly strained, formal constructions.


Essentially innovative stylistic rarefaction. Proposal with a dry and absolute narrative texture saturated with a wave of intimism which transcends figurative reality to a dimension of colors and lines purified by comforting material structures.


The right amount of color. Flamboyant, dreamy and ironical full-color scenery. A code expressing a snobbish attitude which attributes abundant eccentricity to new luxury. In a sequence of modulated and variable painted backgrounds.

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