COLOR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL is a color resource provider.  Below are their color board inspirations, Unspoken, Dots and Lashes, and Weightless.  To order their current  S/S 2015 color inspiration color standards and their individual ribbons, go here


Light is protruding in the hazy summer mornings, making colors to appear warm and silky. Some things are left unspoken, yet emotions emanate. Memories are taking over, bringing images of happy moments, creating atmosphere nostalgic, but delightful and serene. - See more here to view the ColorWall colors in the palette.

Delicate shades of pink and mauve suggest feminine sensibility, while bright fuchsia, hot coral and soft apricot; add a dash of modern vibe. Dark berry and rich burgundy, contribute to the timeless appeal of this color palette. Polka dots are playful and vivacious; ruffles and lace as a final touch, make a delightful adornment. - See more  here to view the ColorWall colors in the palette.

Immersed in this moment of solitude and perfection, she flows beautiful and graceful, weightless as a feather, delicate as morning breeze. Cool tones of blue create sense of depth and tranquility, while shades of lavender and dusty rose exude warm, elegant appeal. - See more here  to view the ColorWall colors in the palette.

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