Whether you're looking to improve your fashion illustration portfolio, get personal feedback from a top illustrator or develop your own signature illustration style, we've just discovered a new online fashion illustration course taught by Jacqueline Bissett that we think you'll love. 

Jacqueline Bissett has worked with brands a host of top brands from Givenchy to Tatler and is known for her bold use of watercolours. The course teaches you insider ticks and trips to help you draw more sophisticated illustrations including mastering different cuts, drapes and silhouettes. You get personal critiques from Jacqueline, as well as the opportunity to win a month's mentoring from her. Jacqueline has been in the business for 27 years, so learning from her is Ideal if you'd like to make a career from fashion illustration.

You'll love the course if you're looking to perfect your illustration skills to communicate your designs and collections or you want to develop your portfolio to get more, top quality illustration work. You also get access to a personal coach who will help you with business and career advice.

The course is £120/$195 for lifetime access and you can start a free trial to explore it here: bissett

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